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Passive Real Estate Investing

How To Create Wealth and Lifelong Passive Income with Real Estate

What you’ll find in this book is hard-nosed, practical knowledge gleaned from my years doing deals, making mistakes and learning from them! The information contained in this book comes from real life... not academia

Here are a few of the "secrets" that you'll be given for free:

  • The advantages of income-generating real estate.
  • How to easily find and analyze the best deals nationwide.
  • How to create wealth faster than most real estate investors.
  • The pros and cons of each type of real estate investment.
  • The differences between Cyclical and Linear markets.
  • How to choose the best markets and neighborhoods.
  • Five myths of real estate investing, and how they cost you.
  • How to analyze properties, cash-flow and returns.

"Don't wait to invest in real estate; invest in real estate and wait."

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